The Practice

Ashtanga Yoga follows a fixed sequence of postures, as taught by the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. In traditional Mysore-style practice, students are taught postures one at a time on an individual basis. This transmission of teachings which occurs from guru to shishya, from teacher to student, is the age old way of passing knowledge according to parampara—through direct, unbroken transmission. As postures are learned and memorized, and students become steady in their practice, subsequent postures are taught and integrated into their existing practice. In this way, students are gradually able to build strength, stamina and flexibility, while working at their own pace and continuing to receive individualized instruction to fit their needs and ability. Mysore classes are group classes but mostly silent, as students arrive and move through their practice independently, receiving adjustments and instruction as needed. Led classes, on the other hand, are guided group classes, wherein the teacher leads students through the practice as a group, while counting out the names of the postures and vinyasas in Sanskrit. Practice is recommended six days a week, taking one day a week, traditionally Saturday, for rest. Additional days of rest are taken on the days of the new moon and full moon each month, and during the first three days of menstruation for ladies, also known as “lady’s holiday”. For more information about Class Schedule, Moon Days and Lady’s Holiday, please read on under SCHEDULE.

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