The Practice

Ashtanga Yoga is a method that utilizes a specific technique of breathing and follows a fixed sequence of postures. Breath and movement are synchronized to produce an internal heat which purifies the body through increased blood flow and circulation. In the traditional Mysore-style classes, students are taught postures one at a time directly from the teacher. As students become proficient in the postures they have learned, additional postures are introduced. In this way, students are able to move through the sequence at the pace which is right for them and gradually build the strength, flexibility and endurance needed to progress. Though taught in a group setting, Mysore classes are mostly silent, aside from the sound of breath and the quiet instruction which takes place between teacher and student. All this allows for a more meditative and introspective environment for practice, enabling students to further direct their focus and attention inward. Once a week, on Fridays, led classes are held, wherein the teacher guides the class through the Primary Series as a group while counting out the names of the postures and vinyasas in Sanskrit. Students are invited to attend led classes when the teacher deems it to be appropriate, and are expected to go only as far into the sequence as they do in their Mysore practice. The led classes give students an opportunity to experience what the pace of the practice is ultimately meant to be like while partaking in the energy of a group practice.

Practice is recommended six days a week, taking one day a week, traditionally Saturday, for rest. Additional days of rest are taken on the days of the new moon and full moon each month, and during the heaviest days of menstruation for ladies. For more information about Class Schedule, Moon Days and Lady’s Holiday, please read on under SCHEDULE.